Live the fairy tale premiered “Get the stiff,”


The popular series of cuban television Live the story premiered a new episode called Take the stiff. The chapter was aired in the televisions of the country for the enjoyment of its viewers, on Monday 16 march 2020.

In this installment, Panfilo Epiphanius he runs a machine to Checkbook, who have as a dream to travel to Europe of the hand of a popular musical group, through the mobile phone to call you in hidden identity.

The nice old man, he passed by the prestigious cuban musician Chucho Valdés and tells Chquera imitating a voice somewhat different from yours, that what urgently needs to become a part of his orchestra, which will tour with the band across Europe and opens with the “rattle power” every one of their concerts in the Old Continent.

Checkbook comes running to house of Pamphilus with luggage, sunglasses, scarf and dress to the most pure european style, to tell Pamphilus the news and what it receives in return is laughter and mockery of this, Rupert and Chacón, who also knew that it was a joke and were visiting at the home of the old man.

The Checkbook, learning of the lie and the ridiculous that you just do, is completely disappointed with his friends and goes out of the house of Pamphilus with a great disappointment.

On the other hand, an electrician comes to the house of Pamphilus and found a few electrical wires 220 in the counter with an alleged connection to the electrical appliance and leaves a bill of more than 200 pesos to pay the following week.

To try to fix the problem, the old man hires another electrician to see the power cords from the roof of the house. The young woman, who presents a fun time to simulate that you are electrocuted, it is found that because of a transformer old was increasing consumption and asks Pamphilus to fix the problem and pull new wires throughout the house approximately 80 CUC.

However, Panfilo he realizes that he can’t afford the money to pay the figure that you asked the electrician and searches will use when desperately an option to be able to earn some money.

There is when Checkbook, who seems to have managed to overcome the anger with his friends for the sake of the joke, he happens to practice along with Pamphilus the office of Human Statues and go to the center of Old Havana to make your own, to be able to earn some tip to fix the patrimonial house of Pamphilus.

Before departing to the street to put into practice their idea of becoming Human Statues, asks Pamphilus to keep for a day in the living room of his house a statue that he sent a cousin to the field until it can move to pick it up.

However, Pamphilus begins to suspect that the statue will be moved inside of the house and changes its position all the time, so who cares because he believes he is having visions and is going crazy.

Do it will be a help for Checkbook or retaliation to the joke that ran Panfilo via mobile phone? Don’t miss the last chapter of Living story under the title Take the stiff that comes full of surprises for lovers of good cuban humor.