Maluma in DARING dance was caught with a woman I gave you everything!


The colombian singer Maluma return to cause anger by a bold video that is becoming viral, as it appears in a situation quite intimate with one of her dancers on the stage and in the concert.

It seems that Maluma never goes unnoticed, because the colombian singer of “Happy 4”, from that jumped to the fame has always been in the eye of the hurricane, controversy on controversy and dimes and bickering on about his life, his sexuality and his artistic career.

There is No doubt that Maluma always cause attraction in all its facets, both in the shows, her romances and even her way of dressing, for all his followers not to leave it in no time and they are always supporting complimented on their success.

That is why despite the fact that the colombian does not make public their love affairs, their followers always find and unite all the details to discover who has sagging the heart of Maluma and on this occasion has been no exception.

The hot dance of Maluma

In this sense, recently the singer Maluma at one of his concerts, he danced with one of her dancers, but what has caught attention is that he has done the most daring, as he rubbed my all your goodies in the rear of the famous girl.

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As expected, hundreds of fans Maluma can’t believe the to die for images, where it sees the singer wasting all her sensuality with a few smooth dance steps that has left you drooling to the internet users of social networks.