Mauricio Ochmann and Omar Chaparro postponed the premiere of his new film


Mauricio Ochmann has been a victim of the coronavirusas has been seen in the need to suspend its next project because of this disease, and announced it on his account Instagramwith a video in which he explains that his next film, scheduled for next week has been postponed.

The movie was going to be released in the coming month of April, however has been postponed, although there is not yet an exact date for its premiere, as Mauricio Ochmann said that will be until further notice, and will be in the official social media of those involved where it is given to know the entire information with regard to “whatAnd as is the?

“We have to postpone the premiere of our movie @ycomoeselfilm until further notice!! To follow the guidelines to avoid contamination”, Published by Mauricio Ochmann in your account of Instagram.

Omar Chaparro, who also appears in this film also published a message on his instagram where he recalled the security measures with regard to the Coronavirus, and above all, invited people to stay at home during the time of contingency.

Celebrities are also victims of the Coronavirus

Although up to now there are confirmed some cases of Coronavirus in the world of the show, such as Danna Garcia, or Tom Hanks and his wife, the world of entertainment has also been affected indirectly. As well as Mauricio Ochmann and Omar Chaparro have seen the need to postpone his film, dozens of artists have had to postpone events

One of them is Danna Paola, who had to cancel the promotion of Elite in Mexico, or Carlos Rivera, who had to cancel his concert in the Yucatan, scheduled for 14 march.

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What is important is that the artists have come together to ensure the health of their fans, and it will be up within a time contingency for the coronavirus, when retaking the artistic events.