“Not what I shared before because I was trying to be good”


The cuban singer Camila Hair he has opened his heart to his millions of fans and has shared a long and personal text in your profile official Instagram in which has spoken of a delicate health problem with the who has had to deal in recent times.

The artist has confessed to his followers that he has been suffering from stress and severe anxiety, a disease with which he has learned to cope and has managed to calm down thanks to the healing power of meditation, which assures that it has changed the life.

“Meditation has changed my life in the last few months”, were his first words next to a photograph in which he can be seen sitting in a chair with the eyes closed and adopting the pose of the practice.

The interpreter My oh my he said that he had not shared before your problem because first of all I was focused on “be okay” with herself, and that now is when you feel much more prepared to talk about it.

In addition, he said that meditation not only has helped treat her illness, but has also indeed become a “better human being”.

“I did not share this with you in that moment because honestly I was just trying to be good, but I was experiencing a severe anxiety. It was, to meditate, to practice every day, several times a day what I has been healing and, more to just help me deal with strong emotions such as anxiety and stress, is making me a better human being,” he said.

According to Camila Hairmeditation also helps to “strengthen habits such as empathy, love and compassion” as well as more connected with everything around her.

“It not only helps in times like this with stress and anxiety, meditation is the practice of strengthening habits such as empathy, love and compassion, making you feel more connected not only with everyone around you, but with living beings in general as animals, plants, and the earth, which is a living being in itself”, he added.

Finally, the talented cuban concluded by referring to the difficult times that live in various countries of the world because of the spread of coronavirus so he asked his fans that were kept safe and made a call to the union, solidarity and social empathy.

“In times like these, especially when we are young, even if we are healthy, it is important to practice compassion and to help others who may be suffering. We’re in this together, let’s not be indifferent to the risk of others. It is our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe. Empathy with the reality and the solidarity of others could make all the difference in difficult times like this. I love you guys, please, stay safe”, he concluded.