“Oh my god!” (and you have hours)


Emily Ratajkowski

March 16, 2020
(19:20 CET)

Emily Ratajkowski wanted to send a very clear message to raise awareness to all their fans for the pandemic of coronavirus with a video on your account Instagram in which it invited all to distance themselves from the social for not to expand the virus.

However, it seems that the american model has surprised many by his message by his new change in his face.

And is that the top model has msotrado some new lips more thick, something that has raised all sorts of alarms among their fans.

Not liked

It seems that this physical change has not convinced too much to the fans Emily Ratajkowskiwho ever the look less natural and have not been able to read comments like “oh my God!” or “But what has been done?”.

The use of botox and other methods that each time you are using in most occasions, the american model does not cease to amaze his fans and not always for the good.

Has dog

It seems that Emily Ratajkowski will not have problem to go to the streets because as we have seen in recent publications it is very clear that you have a dog.

In fact, the model in 7 of the last 8 photos have appeared with your dog, so that it looks like he is ready to live these days so hard in solitude.