‘OT 2020’ is cancelled temporarily by the crisis of the coronavirus


The crisis of the coronavirus precludes the production of a program of the caliber of ‘operación Triunfo’ and the situation has led to the RTVE and Gestmusic to agree to the temporary cancellation of the current edition of the. The Academy closes its doors, among other reasons, for not being able to maintain the mechanics usual of the galas weekly, nor their realization in a film set. The program promises to resume its activity “as the situation improves and you can carry the program with absolute normality”.

Minutes after the publication of the statement of the chain, Noemí Galera has entered the Academy to explain the news the contestants, who have broken down crying, according to have known that they had to leave their homes. “This is not a final, this is a point and apart. We’re going to go home, you are not aware of what is happening out there and it is best for all”, has begun the Director.

Nia, the first to cry after knowing that it suspends 'OT 2020'

Nia, the first to cry after knowing that it suspends ‘OT 2020’

Nia has been one of the participants previously has been broken. “Things then are not going to be like“he regretted. “I know, but it is the best solution”, has coincided Naomi, who also has given advice on the breakdown of his isolation: “When you go home it is important that you encerréis, you do case to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Be aware of everything that happens in networks, think about the fact that yesterday there were some 300,000 tweets. There are tweets of all colors, opinions of all tastes. If that affects you in any way, think that you have to Yasmina to get back electronically. My advice is that let the mobile and not use networking, you have two months without him and I will not going to spend anything”.

From this point aborts the activity of the Academy. After the meal the housemates receive their suitcases and Anaju, Maialen, Hugo and Gèrard head to their homes this Monday. The remainder will be Tuesday morning, given the low service of transportation these days.

“We’ll be back but we don’t know how”

The contestants are broken down to discover that it paralyzes 'OT 2020'

The contestants are broken down to discover that it paralyzes ‘OT 2020’

Noemí Galera has insisted that ‘OT 2020’ will return, though has acknowledged not knowing “how or when, because everything changes from one day to another”. Therefore, we have asked you to do, pack it with the most important and, what does not fit them, put it in boxes that will be sent soon. “It is not worth to leave things here because we don’t know how we are going to return. We don’t know if you are going to have Academy, if we will do a few special programs…“he added.

“It makes no sense that we are here if there is no gala”, has insisted the Director. After her departure, the contestants have begun to embrace. “In ‘OT 2017’ took a break for Christmas and then went back…”, has tried to relativize Anaju. Nia, for its part, is convinced that there will only be gallic: “It makes No sense to do Academy with all of the information from the outside“. “I’m not going to turn on the mobile!”, has promised Samantha, who has also regretted not being able to say goodbye to the teachers.