Out this video of Rosalia with the nose without the operate and without lips: “he Looks like Pinocchio!”


March 16, 2020
(21:28 CET)

In 2017 Rosalia he was in Spain on tour showing his talent flamento for the various festivals of the peninsular territory. Something that shows that theirs is pure passion and vocation.

In the recording of the Festival Northwest of the people of coruña you can see a Rosalia very changed to the current one, especially in the physical where we appreciate a face very different from that we see today.

In fact, one of the changes more clear appears to be on the nose, totally different to that of today.

A beast

“He looks like Pinocchio!” commented one of the most cruel messages on social networks about the change more than evident which can be seen between the Rosalia 2017 and 2020.

And is that the nose and lips have a natural way very different to the current one already having gone through surgery to not be noticed as a pointy nose or the lips so marked.


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Not to work

As we can see in one of his latest posts on Instagram, the singer Catalan has assembled his recording studio in house to take advantage of the time you will be confined by the coronavirus.

Rosalia you know very well that this time can be very useful for bringing out new issues in the very near future and that is why you want to make the most of it.