“Peace Padilla, do not you ashamed of this?”. Get this video. It scandal of the year!


Paz Padilla got talent

March 16, 2020
(17:09 CET)

How will Survivors 2020? It is a mystery. Both the winner as if the editing may be carried out with total normality. Because of the advancement of their issuance, following the cancellation of GH DUO are many obstacles that they face. Among them the weather conditions, but already had planned. However, the coronavirus does not. And he could play a bad pass. By the time the family members of the contestants will not be able to pay them a visits and they must pass a quarantine before returning to Spain.

As in all editions, Telecinco try to sign him to any person the family of a well-known family saga that game. In past editions it was the turn of the Pantoja. However on this occasion they have touched the Flowers, who are on a roll. Dew Flower is the star of this edition and by consequence all your environment.

It is once again to criticize harshly to Mediaset for a possible favour to the young. Some faces important chain as Paz Padilla are who more criticism they receive for to plug this “tongo”. In the test last Tuesday, march 10, the contestants will enfretaron to groups of three where they had to achieve to take some estocas of wood. It was not easy because they were subject to a few harnesses that I tensaban. Although it was not what was expected, Rocío Flores won the test.

During the first turn, Rocío Flores, Alejandro Reyes, and Elena Rodriguez they competed among themselves to win a delicious reward. During the game, the daughter of Antonio David Flores and Rocio Carrasco it showed its strength by defeating his two companions. At the end of the test, the mother of Adara Miller broke into tears of impotence and Alexander suffered a small vaído.

According to bystanders the harness of Dew Flowers was much more loose than the rest of their peers. Antonio David Flores came out in your defence making it clear that his daughter had been prepared in a school.