Releases DVD and Blu-Ray: ‘Le Mans ’66’, ‘Portrait of a woman in flames’, ‘Weather’ and a tribute to Kirk Douglas


This week’s goes to market ‘Le Mans ’66’, the film, winner of two academy awards and a BAFTA award this 2020. The tape starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon’s account of the historic race of the Championship Le Mans 1966, it faced the resistance of a Ferrari with a Ford. ‘Le Mans ’66’ arrives both on DVD and on Blu-Ray and with a special edition metal the 18 of march.

'Le Mans '66'

As for the Spanish film, released ‘Weather’. This thriller of the west starring Luis Tosar was awarded two Goya awards: Best Screenplay-Adapted and Best Song. For sale in various formats on the 17th of march. That same day will be available ‘Portrait of a woman in flames’, the critically acclaimed tape of Céline Sciamma, starring Adèle Haenel, and Noémie Merlant. The French tape winner of the Goya for Best European Film ‘les miserables’ goes on sale march 18.

In addition, this week arrives a tribute to the filmography of Kirk Douglas. From classic 50’s and 60’s as ‘The brave walk alone’ until tapes of the 70’s such as ‘Cactus Jack’ starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. These tapes arrive on the 20th of march. Below is the full list of releases.

List of releases (movies)

‘The Public Eye’ (Monday 16) Buy in Blu-Ray

‘The Art of War’ (Monday 16) Buy in Blu-Ray

‘Howling 3’ (Monday 16) Buy in Blu-Ray

‘Weather’ (Tuesday 17) Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘Portrait of a woman in flames’ (Tuesday 17) Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘@buelos’ (Tuesday 17) Buy in DVD

‘Shaun the sheep. The movie: Granjaguedón’ Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘The Pleasure’ (Tuesday 17) Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘Donkey skin’ (Tuesday 17) Buy Issue 50 Anniversary in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘Small lies to be Together’ (Tuesday 17) Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray

‘Le Mans ’66’ (Wednesday 18) Buy in DVD | Blu-Ray | Edition metal

‘Les Miserables’ (Wednesday 18) Buy in DVD

‘Scammers of Wall Street’ (Wednesday 18) Buy in DVD

‘Brigade 21’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Three loves’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘The brave walk alone’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Three heirs’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Union of killers’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Mafia’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Cactus Jack’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD

‘Victory at Entebbe’ (Friday 20) Buy in DVD