Roger Gonzalez puts her life at risk for a game of ” Venga La Alegría


The morning program “Venga La Alegría” de TV Aztecaeach time it gets more extreme with your games section. We have seen from falls up to accidental bumps between the drivers; however, it seems that the program each time puts more at risk the lives of the presenters, as on this occasion Roger Gonzalez he was affected by the game of “touch”.

From the beginning of the game “War of Words”, where the punishment is to receive a strong electric shock from a machine called a “touches”the drivers of TV Azteca felt very nervous. Although it is not the first time you do this activity, more than one said that on this occasion the mechanism was to give shocks stronger than normal.

The first to go were the drivers, “Capi” Pérez and Ricardo Cásares, both cheered by the strong electric shock, and made sure that the intensity of the punishment was enough, much more than what you are accustomed to. However, when it was the turn of Roger Gonzalez, things got a little dangerous, since the driver said that he could not release the machine.

Even when he finished the electrical punishment, when he saw that Roger 37 years wiped some tears from her face; apparently the host of “Venga La Alegría” not nothing happened good to receive those touches.

Roger Gonzalez at VLA

Since his admission to the ranks of “Venga La Alegría”, the driver and voice actor, Roger Gonzalez has given a lot to talk about; but on this occasion was to risk his life with the game “ends” of the program of TV Azteca, also for his personality is one of the darlings of the public.

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The games section of VLA on several occasions has been criticized by the public for the complicated and dangerous that come to be some activities for drivers; for many fans of the program don’t it’s fun to see her suffer physically to the presenters.