Selena Gomez is dropped 10 kilos with Photoshop in his last selfie in a bikini


March 16, 2020
(19:51 CET)

It does not appear that Selena Gomez it is very handy with the photoshop as we have been able to see again with an image that has been uploaded recently to the social networks with a bikini.

The selfie shows that the singer of the united States has a physical privileged, however, seems not to have convinced everyone, as some of their fans have noticed that Selena has used digital retouching in this photo.

In fact, the accuse of take off a few extra pounds that he had been able to see it in his last public appearances.

This is not the first time

In fact, several fans have been warned that this is already something usual in the buildings of Selena Gomez, who already was accused of using photoshop on them in the images of the magazine Dazed where he did a photo shoot of the most interesting.

And is that the singer of the united States lives in the middle of controversy for his physical for quite some time due to their changes in terms of weight it has had.


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Justifying Justin Bieber

Recently, Selena Gomez revealed that Justin Bieber was exercising emotional violence against her when they were together. And this is why the canadian singer sang a mea culpa publicly.

Away to face him, it seems that the artist justifies it: “I have discovered that the teenage lovers hurt their partners because they generate satisfaction.”