She and he! Antonio David does not know where to get: “oh, The cuckold of Spain!”


March 16, 2020
(15:55 CET)

What will happen with Survivors 2020? Of time is a great mystery. In Honduras has also declared a state of alarm, and it is not permissible for any Spanish in the country nor out of it. The contestants are not aware of what is happening in Spain and the moment they do not want them to be put in after appropriate notice.

Nothing more to begin the program last Sunday, Jordi Gonzalez reported that “we are not an alternative to the news but we want to serve you evasion and deliver you a smile”, expressed by the presenter at the beginning of the program. The contributor, without going into details, he has communicated to them the situation and has subsequently spoken to one-on-one, as usual.

jordi gonzálezWhen conversing with Dew Flowers has sparked a major dust-up of comments. Jordi Gonzalez has been interested by how it is being the daughter of Antonio David Flores his mission as leader of the beach of the servants. It has been said that phenomenal and he thanked the support of your partner Albert Barranco. Both have become inseparable.

dew flowers Precisely because of this, there has been the comment of Jordi González that has been lost completely: “you’re very beautiful”, said the presenter, and added ironically: “You look very pretty with that face of enamo…”. The young man is very happy with her boyfriend Manuel Bedmar, who has been accused in Save me from the infidel. Dew Flowers at the moment does not change your partner by Ravine, but is more and more close to the extronista.