So you can watch Netflix with your friends each from the quarantine of your house


We are going through difficult days due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, and there are days that can be really frustrating. Not to worry, with this new way of watching Netflix with your friends (each one from your house, of course), the days will be a little more enjoyable. We explain what is a Netflix Party and what are the steps to follow to install it.

Stranger Things

Netflix Party is a new way of viewing online content with your friends and comment on it. What it does is synchronize the video playback and add a group chat on the side in which you will be able to go commenting on your number or favorite movie. This extension is only available, for now, to browsers Chrome. The steps to put it into operation are the following:

You must first install Netflix Party from this website by clicking on the button “Install Netflix Party”. This redirects you to the Chrome Web Store. Once there, we click on “Add to Chrome”on the right side, to add the extension.

After that, we go to Netflix from our browser, as we do on a regular basis. We choose what we want to see with our friends and we play. To create our own party, there is that click on the red icon “NP” located in the address bar, that is to say, above and to the right in our browser. After we click on “Start party” and copy the URL. With the URL copied, it only remains for us to forward it to the friends with whom we will share this experience.

If you are the person who receives the URL, click on the link, we redirect you to the Netflix web site. After that, click the button “NP” in the address bar, at the top of our browser. In this way we will join the party and we can discuss with our friends in the chat all you want.

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