Songs about the coronavirus that have dominated the social networks


The COVID-19, better known as coronavirusit has become a latent threat to the global population after the World Health organization to decree that this disease has been declared pandemic after you have registered more than 170 thousand cases in more than 150 countries.

There is No denying that this situation has caused that there is fear among the population, but it has also served as inspiration for that several artists are encouraged to create songs that talk about the coronavirus and sanitary measures that should be applied to avoid contracting the disease.

Some of the songs on the coronavirus have passed without penalty or glory but many others have managed to master the social networks thanks to which internet users have been fascinated with the funny lyrics or the rhythm that manage and today we’ll tell you what have been the most successful.

Songs about the coronavirus that have dominated the social networks.

Coronavirus of Yofrangel

Yofrangel is a professional musician originally from the Dominican Republic that has become trend of social networks thanks to the song about the coronavirus which he published in his Youtube channel and to date already has over three million views.

Sega Coronavirus JF Aubin

JF Aubin is a singer who not enjoyed much popularity until he published a video titled “Sega Coronavirus” and which was filmed in a French island. The lyrics of this song talks about the care that we need to take to avoid getting sick with the COVID-19.

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The cumbia of the coronavirus Mister Cumbia

This has been one of the songs that has become popular in the social networks due to the catchy rhythm that manages. Mister Cumbia has wanted to put in the letter said simple entire situation facing the world with the spread of the coronavirus from several months ago.

Photo: Youtube

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