Taylor Swift invites everyone to follow the example of your cat in this quarantine


The COVID-19 or more known as Coronavirus it has forced several countries to declare quarantine. The united states is one of the territories that more steps have been taken to not continue increasing the number of their victims. Therefore, various artists are encouraging you to stay home and not go out; among them the singer Taylor Swift, who set an example to his kitten Meredith with this quarantine by the virus.

Taylor Swift is a cat lover, in fact is the owner of 3, Meredith, Olivia and the most recent, Benjamin. The interpreter u.s. in recent days expressed its full support to the quarantine measures that have been taken in your country and the rest of the world by the pandemic of the Coronavirus. So in order to continue promoting the isolation, Taylor shared a tender photo of Meredith.

The cats of Taylor Swift/Photo: Fanpop

The cats of Taylor Swift/Photo: Fanpop

In the description of the publication says: “For Meredith, the quarantine is a way of life. I know as Meredith”, in the adorable image you can see the cat of Taylor inside of what appears to be his refuge. The singer of 30 years does not normally share a lot of photographs in your instagram despite having more than 128 million fans, but we like to show off their beautiful pets that even she considered as their babies.

Taylor Swift and the Coronavirus

Some u.s. media have reported that the singer of “Lover,” has made a donation of one million dollars to find the cure for Coronavirus. However, so far nothing has been made official.

Although the main reason for that is Taylor possibly would have made this gift is because her mom Andrea Swift, for the moment, is living again cancer; therefore, it is of vital importance that the COVID-19 is to control you, to keep safe your health and the health of the rest of the population.

Taylor Swift asked her fans that they are maintained in quarantine/Photo:Instagram

Taylor Swift asked her fans that they are maintained in quarantine/Photo:Instagram

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However, it is not yet known if Taylor Swift has been in quarantine with his family in the united States, or if he decided to stay in the Uk with her boyfriend Joey Alwin. Until the time, the singer of “Shake it off” continues to support people to remain in their home, and you may even have to cancel some dates of his tour musical “Lover Fest”.