“Ten years ago, we were not able to make a movie, so.”


Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Feige and the cast of Black Widow have told something to the film in Entertainment Weekly.

The output of Black Widow with Scarlett Johanssondirected by Cate Shortland, is planned to be in the premises for the 29.of course, the title, with no obligation to cross in the historical moment in which we find ourselves. Scarlett, the chief of the Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and the other members of the cast, discussed with Entertainment Weekly, this “origin story” to the topic ” character, the circuit would draw his way in Avengers: Endgame.

Scarlett has very clear ideas about the special setting of the fiction of the film: as you should know, takes place between Captain America-Civil War and Avengers: Infinity Wasis , but it contains flashbacks to the past of Natasha Romanoffduring the training in the program of the Soviets, the Red Room, then in the pay of the KGB. Because of this key?

How has a personby putting together all the shards to yourself? […] If you really wanted this movie should be full on the creative plan. […] To all who say to me: “The film of Black Widow did you have to do ten years ago,” I say: he would have the same thickness. […] This film is produced well, the air time breathe. […] I am just the same now I’m more interested in what’s behind a mask. She has emotional intelligence, […], solves problems, […] a person is, in a pragmatic way. In my opinion many of these properties are, by nature, female. […] I hope we supereroine have more exquisitely feminine, not only Batman with the heels.

The echoes Kevin Feigelike Scarlett, you have to wait until the time is a Widow, ripe for the Black, not a “prequel” but more a”origin story, the emotionalsomething to understand archaeological excavations in the character to make her more three-dimensionality and humanity and leaves us, why he has this particular character.

The idea of a solo play in the pastfor a character that already knew and that we already have before us the right rail. […] A prequel that limits that explain to you what is behind the things you already know, very exciting. How to make his special gloves? How to do she has learned flips? Those who import it.