‘The 100’ manages to finish the filming of the series before putting in quarantine


The seventh and final season of ‘The 100’ will be released next may 20and have managed to finish it. Putting us in context, seeing as almost all of the productions and premieres are canceling, do not know if this series was to give time. However, they have managed to rush to the end this last weekend and it seems to be the same Saturday gave them time to finish.


This is definitely great news, as it is still unknown the time it will be necessary to maintain the quarantine before being able to return to normal. The director Kim Shumway and several of its principal actors have been fired on Twitter for their followers, which I have supported for all these years and saved a special affection.

“This is a closure! Thanks to the actors who brought their positive attitudes, the team that attacked each challenge, writers who rolled with every punch, principals, tireless, executives support, and our fans are always passionate.”

“In this, the last day of production of ‘The 100’, I am more than grateful to our cast, team and writers. This season had some real challenges, but these amazing people created something special. Our prequel is on the way and our final season is released on the 20th of may. Get ready for a ride.”

“Today was the last day of filming of ‘The 100’ and even though I didn’t work today I went to hang out to be able to be with all the amazing cast and team for the last time. Are all of my family and I never want to let them go.”

What overall end?

Without a doubt this series has managed to create a strong community of fans you don’t want to miss, and it is for this reason that is already working on a spin-off of ‘The 100’. In principle, this spin-off will tell us about the events that took place before the series, although it does not yet have a release date and missing many things to be confirmed. Without a doubt the fact that they have been able to finish the series before you have to cancel it is one of the few good news that have arrived at the time of the coronavirus.