The american television series could be forced to end their seasons before time


With the expansion of the coronavirus, many series have had to stop his filming to ensure the safety of the equipment. This makes as some of them were still rolling in the final chapters, probably have to finish their seasons a few chapters earlier than expected, leaving so many storylines open.

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There’s still nothing definitive, but the executives of the major television networks of the USA are working under the assumption that many of the series that stopped their production due to the coronavirus, not be able to roll what was left pending. This will make their seasons end one-to four chapters before the planned.

In the beginning, the break of the shoot was going to be temporary, but seeing how it is progressing the virus and the measures being taken, most likely is not able to return to the set at a time. If the situation will improve from here to a month, the filming could resume to record one or two episodes and complete the season, however, experts in the industry believe that this possibility would not be practical in the majority of cases. “It just made sense to come back in a month for the last episode or the last two”said an expert according to Vulture.

According To Vulture there are at least four series that have already communicated to your team and to the cast that their seasons have ended. This is also due to the fact that the cost of closing and opening of the productions is quite high, so continue in this way would mean losing a lot of money. In addition to that when this is over can that many actors or actresses already have other projects in mind, or commitments.

It is unknown for now how they are going to broadcast new episodes of the series that are already in issue. One of the options would be to lengthen it by repeating chapters already issued for the new will continue until may when the season ends officially. However, what is most likely to be released in march and April to take advantage of the fact that a lot of people will be at home, and the may issue chapters repeated.

This decision not to return to filming after the crisis of the coronavirus does not affect all series equally. Some, such as ‘Modern Family’ or ‘Carol’s Second Act’ ended its production weeks ago so you will be able to issue their full seasons without any problem. Other series such as ‘Grey’s anatomy’ or ‘Supernatural’, they stood their filming without having recorded still the end of the season. Warner Bros. and CW will have to make a tough decision on the end of these two series. He still has not decided anything, so we’ll have to wait for more details.

Series to postpone their new chapters

According to The CW the new chapters of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ designed for issued the 24 and the 31 of march will be delayed and replaced with chapters repeatedaccording to reports ComicBook. Is not a official explanation and still no issue dates for new chapters that are going to issue. You may find spacing out the new episodes, combining them with old, giving time for this situation to improve and can return to the programming and production as usual.