The best deals for Father’s Day


In this special edition of Captain Offers, we bring you the bargains most prominent for every movie buff or seriéfilo have the gift perfect for your dad this coming Father’s Day, 19 march. It is almost impossible to translate your love for your father in a gift, but the perfect gift can demonstrate that you are thinking of him on this day of celebration. These fantastic deals in electronics, merchandising and more could evoke shared memories of watching together saga Skywalker, or maybe you could create a new with this edition of Risk based on ‘The Lord of the Rings’. In the end, the Father’s Day is to celebrate our relationships with one of the most influential forces in our lives, and if these small tokens of your appreciation, you can remember your father not only of you want, but also how well you know them, Captain Offers, has fulfilled its mission.

The best deals for Father's Day

In the first place, it is likely a lot of people have memories of going to the cinema with his father to see the premiere, most recent of Disney, ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Harry Potter’. For this Father’s Day, why not bring this experience home? With this portable projector and this Echo Dot, a speaker, intelligent with the system of Alexa, you can recreate the experience of seeing for the first time Darth Vader says the words “Luke, I am your father” with the high level of quality that promises a film. If your father would prefer to see these films in their journey to work, for example, why don’t you give away this pair of Apple AirPods with charging case? The force (and by that, we mean the sound quality) will accompany you all the way to your work.

In the section of merchandising, there’s also this intelligent robot R2-D2 to help your father fulfill his dream of joining the gang in the Millennium Falcon. If you are interested in more of the dual lives of superheroes in the Marvel Universe and DC, we emphasize this Funko with a batseñal that really works and this memory flash drive with design of Iron Man that Tony Stark is always saving your files.

In terms of the series and movies, Father’s Day is the perfect time to return to see old favorites to share and do a marathon with the series of ‘James Bond’ or ‘Fast & Furious’.

The best deals for Father’s Day

Vamvo Portable Projector – Buy 103,99 eur

Apple Air Pods with charging case (second generation) – Buy 144,99 eur

Echo Dot (third generation) – Buy for 34,99 euros

‘James Bond’ Pack of 24 movies (DVD) – Buy 60,52 €

Pack ‘Fast & Furious’ 1-8 + ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ (Blu-ray) – Buy 30,99 eur

Pack Alfred Hitchcock: 14 movies (DVD) – Buy 47,16 €

‘Mad Men’ Complete Series (DVD) – Buy 56,91 eur

‘Star Wars’ Intelligent Robot R2-D2 (Hasbro) – Buy 50,54 eur

Hasbro Risk Editing ‘the Lord of The Rings’ – Buy for 33,99 €

Funko Pop! Movie Moment: Batman with batseñal – Buy it for 27,50 euros

‘Star Wars: Secrets of the galaxy’ (Star Wars pictorial) – Buy 76,00 €

‘Iron Man’ Flash Memory Drive – Buy for 15,75 euro

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