The coronavirus stops the filming of ‘Supernatural’, while ‘The 100’ attempts to finish the season


Not to speak of another thing, do not write anything else or hear anything else, the coronavirus has come to put our life upside down, locking us in the house and cause the hysteria popular in the supermarkets. This pandemic has closed all the theatres of Italy and our country, but the premieres have been delayed worldwide and filming is crippling also in Hollywood and all the tv channels. We days informing you of that or ‘The Batman’, or ‘Stranger Things’, or ‘Lucifer’, or ‘The Flash’, or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ among others have been able to continue shooting because of the danger of contagion, and the list doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop. The latest addition to the stops has been ‘Supernatural’, with only a couple of weeks left of work will not be able to finish recording the end of their last season, number 15.

Is thus placed ahead of the health of actors, actresses and all the team, although it is likely this delay will also affect the emission of the chapters on television and the agenda of its protagonists. For example, Jared Padalecki has already signed his next project, a series for The CW entitled the ‘Walker’ that was scheduled to start work at the end of ‘Supernatural’. However, and bearing in mind that we do not know exactly the duration of this crisis, it is likely that when they resume filming both jobs overlap, causing added problems to the production.

'Supernatural' and 'The 100'

The 100, the bravest’

Trying to avoid all of these problems derived from the virus as well as the economic losses that means changing the plan of work, ‘The 100’, another of the series of CW that also works in his final season, is going to rush the filming to try to stop but over that part of the production. According to reports Deadline, the series only you are scheduled a couple of days of shooting next week and bearing in mind that the virus is not yet widespread in the united States or Canada (nor in the south of the American continent) have not considered it essential to send people home before their time. Apart from closing all of the frames of the series of apocalyptic, which will be the seventh season of ‘The 100’ will leave the door open to a possible prequel.

If this spin-off didn’t get to see the light may not pass anything, at least taking into account that we are living in our own post-apocalypse between the rolls of toilet paper, plastic bags as masks and concerts in the balconies. The coronavirus affects health, the economy and the work of professionals from all over the world (estimated losses of $ 20 billion), but it is clear that after this we are not going to miss fiction.