The dance moves of Miley Cyrus with a mini short of scandal! Video pump (and takes hours)


March 16, 2020
(17:28 CET)

The Coronavirus it seems that it has gotten a little crazy for celebrities. Any as Miley Cyrus he did not need too much for it, but still it seems that it has wanted to sing in their social networks.

And has done so with a video for the coronavirus doing a twerking to the more pure style Cadi B, with an extreme sensuality and with a short mini most mini. A real scandal!

And has viralizado of a very beast to the point of having provoked that other famous has been added to the dance that was Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana predicted

Miley Cyrus also has pulled out of humor in his account of Instagram with a video of a chapter ancient series Hannah Montana that protagonizaba herself.

In he appears with a mask on your face by making a kind of quarantine, and realizing that the home is totally messy and anything can become infected.

An important message

It seems that Miley Cyrus also wanted to send a message of responsibility to the politicians, do you like Boris Johnson?

This is what he said: “it Is incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while in a panic, but think twice before you follow the fear and be inconsiderate. There is enough for all if we take care of each other. This is a good time to lead!”.