The home video of Shakira I open her legs! that triumphs for this that looks


March 17, 2020
(12:10 CET)

As was expected taking into account that there are many fans of Shakira you are going through the quarantine of the coronavirus in the home, the social networks are a good source of entertainment.

And, of course, also taking into account that there are many performances and concerts of Barranquilla that are posted on the web and in networks, their fanas most of the faithful are passing the hours enjoying the music and dancing of your favorite singer.

However, it is a home video of Shakira the one who has given what to talk about in the last few hours. A few images in which it becomes evident that the flexibility of the Barranquilla is “brutal”, as pointed out by many in the comments.

The video of Shakira

A few images in which we see the couple Gerard Pique doing stretches. We don’t know if it was the same Gerard the recorded to the colombian, but what we do know is that his fans have stayed with the mouth open.

Among other things because there were many who in recent times claimed that the artist had “lost its spark” and that “no longer moves or sings as before”. These pictures do not do another thing to prove the opposite.

The opinions and comments in this regard have multiplied now that these pictures are going to circulate through the networks. Comments about all of them in that is evident that Shakira continues to be a woman “very sensual”.

My mother if it is when one is a queen is forever”, “mind-blowing as it stretches”, “Shakira is a goddess,” “I will not be able to do that in my life”, “Is sensuality in person” or “what a beast” these are just some of the many comments in this regard. Comments that, sure, they will multiply in the next few hours as the video gains strength and impact.