This is the fish the more bad for your health that you can buy in the supermarket



March 17, 2020
(14:07 CET)

Despite the fact that the fish it is one of the healthiest foods, not all fish are good for us. In fact, there is one that we can find in all the supermarkets and that we should not buy.

The mercury have the large fish is the main danger that can have the fish for our health. Exposure to mercury can be toxic to our body since it can affect the nervous system, immune, can also affect our digestive system, skin, eyes, lungs, and kidneys.

The swordfish

swordfish is one of the fish with more mercury

It is possibly the fish most evil that we find in our supermarkets. The sharks can overcome them in mercury, but they are also more difficult to find in our day-to-day.

This fish of the tropics has levels of mercury that are disproportionate due to its large size and the fact eat other smaller fish which causes the mercury from these also pass to him.

The other avoidable

As we said before the shark it is one of the that there is to walk away from it. However, there are others such as the king mackerel, bluefin tuna, tilefish, imported catfish, caviar, cod, atlantic eel, american, and shrimp imported.

This last one is of big consumption in the homes of the united States and there is very little inspected by Health in the country of Donald Trump, something fatal to the americans, especially counting the amount of chemicals they are exposed to.