“This test is difficult, we are going to overcome”


After admitting publicly that he was concerned about the rapid spread of the coronavirus, Daddy Yankee has decided to take measures to avoid any type of contagion, and he has explained to his followers as he is going to address the crisis of global health.

Through his Instagram has shared a video in which we see him in his yacht, where he has decided to spend the social isolation by their problems to stay locked up.

“I confess that I have trouble keeping myself locked up, then, the people who are like me that have that problem, we have to be creative and supportive without putting others at risk,” he explained to the camera addressing his supporters.

“Then I came to my house, skiing, quiet, to maintain the social distance and to cooperate in not spreading the virus among the population,” added the Big Boss, before counting that in this way the mind can be distracted and see the nature to be relaxed.

In addition, the singer has also released a message of union and strength. “I know that it is a difficult test for the world, but we are confident that we will overcome as humanity is stronger than we are,” he said.

The interpreter Gasoline it has also put the note of humor when he described his isolation as “island-lie”, to be found surfing the beaches of Puerto Rico, instead of being on the ground.

The reguetonero is accompanied by his wife Mireddys Gonzalezwho has also published a photo from the boat and next to the who has expressed concern. “Concerned about the situation that today we all live in, but confident that God will have mercy”, she wrote along with the photo in black-and-white.