UEFA postponed the tournament until the summer of 2021 by the crisis of the coronavirus


The fate of the Euro was in the air. The international crisis that has caused the emergence and expansion of the COVID-19 has caused the massive events that were planned for this 2020 will paralyse their agendas. This Monday the 16th, transcended the news that UEFA would postpone the Championship, rumoreándose to be held finally in the summer of 2021, a information that have confirmed this Tuesday.

The Euro 2021 is postponed for the coronavirus

The Euro 2021 is postponed for the coronavirus

The decision has been taken in a videoconference meeting, which has counted with the 55 federations, leagues and clubs. Thus, all actors involved have decided that the best option was to postpone the competition a year and they have announced that the dates will be from 11 June to 11 July. It should be recalled that this year, the competition would be held in 12 different countries, among whom was Italy, whose headquarters was going to be Rome, and Spainthat would own in Bilbao.

Another of the options that are rumoured to that was the UEFA was to postpone the Championship until December. However, by pragmatic issues, it has been preferable to leave a year of space, so that you can play the rest of the season of a quiet and without haste. In this way, the League will end next June 30.

Pending the Champions league and the Europa League

Also, remain the Champions league and the Europa League, have been suspended while they were celebrating their eighth-finals, also by the crisis of the coronavirus. The governing body of european football studies end of the competitions this yeara decision that will be known throughout the day.