What Judi Dench is ashamed of his performance in the movie CATS?


The legend of the action film Judi Dench has made a statement that maybe could make us believe that he is ashamed of his performance in the film Cats. And that is the failure at the box office that we had this tape directed by Tom Hooper was so much, that he received the worst criticism on the part of the experts and the public.

Cats it was a film released in 2019, which had among its protagonists, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and James Corden, however many stars of music and film gathered were not enough to avoid the catastrophe that conllevo the release of the tape based on the original musical work of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

After a few weeks of its release, Cats was not able to recover the $ 95 million that will be invested. The actors, singers and dancers who participated in the film, they stopped promoting it on their social networks, and Universal Studios considered this film one of his biggest failures.

Now, one of the actresses from the Jellycats, Judi Dench, 85 years, has given his opinion on the unfortunate tape. When in an interview he was asked if he had already had the opportunity to see Cats, she said no, that he was not interested in seeing it.

“I didn’t read anything about the reception of the movie, or even seen it. I’ve only seen one of my films…”

“…I was aware of the criticism but only a little. I think people have been pretty kind to me. Anyway, I’m not a big reader of reviews; in part you know yourself, I think,” said Judi Dench.

Judi Dench nominated for a Razzie

The actress who gave life to the cat Old Deuteronomy, said that she was trying to represent a cat that he had once had in childhood, however the more welcome that took the film does not affect you much, since it considers that all depends on the audience. In addition, when he was told to Judi Dench had been nominated as worst actress award Razzie (the award for the worst film) replied:

“Oh, what am I? It is so good! As far as I know, that’s what first!” exclaimed the british actress.

Judi Dench in Cats/Photo: PinkNews

Judi Dench in Cats/Photo: PinkNews

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Remember the movie Cats has been ranked as one of the worst in the history of Hollywood; however, his cast and the same director have tried to take with a bit of humor and the disappointment that brought the movie musical.