What Scarlett Johansson has? It seems that in the last time…


From action to Comedy: an “action-comedy”

You all know for his great parts in “The Avengers”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Lucy”, “Match Point”, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and many others.

Scarlett Johansson career in the movie it has made-if you consider that since 1994, begins to appear in the cinema, he played small roles in films such as “parents Wanted” and “appointment with the bridge”.

She tells you that she was struck by the passion for cinema, if there was a child and wanted to have the aesthetic advantage of from the beginning, his acting skills, but also.

Because Scarlett is not only an actress, Oscar: Scarlett the attention of men and photographers around the world.

The actress more numbers in the world

According to a recently published ranking list “Forbes“ Scarlett Johansson, it would be the actress to pay more in the world in the year 2018.

Only in regard to the collection, from his final film “Avengers: Infinity Was“ around $ 40.5 millionthe Johansson jumps to the first position among the Actresses paid more, closely followed by Angelina Jolie (II) and Jennifer Aniston (III).

Scarlett does not interpret that the transgender, the “Rub and Tug”

It seems that Scarlett, if you can afford it, refuse to be a part of.

To interpret, especially, if you are prompted for a character transgre of: because you would have to be one of the last proposals, was exactly this.

In “Rub and tug“would have, in fact, interprets Dante Tex Gill, a man who is transgender.

The film revolves around the true story of this character, d. h. Gill, and the protagonist of the film. A man and a woman.

The film continues with the story of the history of this character: a kind of novel, but seen by the outer eye.

Probably behind the refusal of the Johansson other: but we can’t know…

A more important factor, however, results, in the movies, today: really a couple of the actors and Actresses that are ready to roll to interpret transgender-people (in a net decline of 40 % – in 2017 than 2016, according to GLAAD).