Yotuel makes tostones with your family during the quarantine by coronavirus


The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has decided to put music and cuban flavor to the quarantine that lives in Spain due to the pandemic coronavirus.

The rapper and his wife, the singer Beatriz Luengo, ‘ve been broadcasting live while he cooks some delicious fried plantains and she sings some of the most popular songs that you share with Orishas. Also are their mom and the son have in common, D’angelo.

“I know that there is a lot of fear, my people, I’m sorry, but this going out, we have to take care of us, stay home, be the least possible exposed, to thank the health services are doing amazing things and that all the energies we take care of,” said the artist.

Yotuel said that he wanted to take advantage of the quarantine to teach his followers to prepare recipes cuban, and, to those who already know them, well have a good time cooking together and listening to music, which has been a balm indisputable to make more bearable the quarantine.

“Tomorrow I’ll teach you to make a congrí, and then croquettes and stuffed potatoes, what do you think?”, asked Yotuel his followers, who responded with a resounding yes and they also asked for recipes of pork rinds and yucca.

In baked bananas, Yotuel used to enjoy with his fans several hits of the Orishas as A lo cubano, 537 Cuba, Isla Bella and his most recent and controversial I wish I pass.

During the direct, Yotuel used to say that “even though they have dropped the song from the Internet, will never be able to bring it down to the heart of the cubans,” and that the theme is available in the networks of him and of Orishas, can download free song.

“Súbanla to their networks, to water,” added Beatriz.

The couple played the song and began to sing it, as you gave the finishing touches to the tasty tostones.

The cuban actress María Isabel Díaz has also preferred to cook to pass the quarantine and has surprised his followers with a few cupcakes from coco. The Sole Vis-a-Vis also encouraged his followers to follow the recommendations of the health authorities and to respect the state of alarm, to be able to contain the pandemic as quickly as possible.

There are several artists who have joined this campaign of #QuedateEnCasa, alerting about the danger and the rapid spread of the coronavirus, as did Ricky Martin, while others such as Alejandro Sanz, Juanes and own Yotuel and María Isabel Díaz wanted to share enjoyable moments with their followers, to endulzarles a bit of the insulation to which they are subjected some and invite others to enjoy being at home and taking responsibility.