3 K-Dramas to watch during quarantine by Coronavirus


K-Drama is the term for the series in South Korea, a style that has gained a lot of strength and even famous streaming platforms such as Netflix, have decided to join forces with the producers and upload some of them in its catalog; so we will share with 3 titles to watch during the quarantine by Coronavirus.

Holo, My Love

K-Drama available on Netflix, tells the story about a girl who can’t distinguish faces, but one day finds some mysterious sunglasses in your purse, being a device with the latest technology of artificial intelligence, which presents to us “Holo”, who will help you overcome your fears, will bring you the love of your life and make you happy with your assistance.


We do not speak of the classic film of Disney, because in this series, south Korean girl who dreams to become a journalist, but in his world, there is a condition called “Pinocchio”, by which she is unable to hide when he says a lie, because in its place gives you a strong syndrome of hypo.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Famous K-Drama for having a high dose of comedy, being the reference more similar to its history, a similarity with the film “Fragmented”; as the protagonist presents a multiple personality disorder and he has the hope of recovering his life looking for the help of a psychiatrist, but the presence of love will not be easy to get.

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Something they have in common these K-Dramas, is that the protagonists suffer from a type of disease or condition strange, some fictitious, others exaggerated, but each one presents a promising story that will make you less bored your quarantine by Coronavirus.