75 good movies (of truth) on Netflix to pass the quarantine for Coronavirus


The crisis caused by the coronavirus continues to cause havoc and each time that happens the authorities are improvising new steps and strides to confront a pandemic that could end up claiming many lives. In Spain, the most effective way that we have to fight this phantom menace is to isolate ourselves at home. Stay at home, for social responsibility, and a little also by selfishness: when you’ve had so much time to watch movies without leaving the sofa and no one will bother you?


Try to look with some positivity to a world crisis that is affecting all aspects of society, and that will economic fall-out in an industry as precarious as the industry of film and television. The movie theaters are closed, and the productions have been stopped, and films that are expected to sweep at the box office in the spring have delayed its premiere until the situation, which will cause several conflicts of schedule throughout a year that will end with a few inevitable bad figures at the global level.

75 good movies on Netflix

1 Action movies

‘The sword of the immortal’. Takashi Miike directing an orgy of bloody samurai. And a melodrama rather interesting.

‘Lock & Stock’. The debut of Guy Ritchie is a crazy hilarious that you drink the best of the first Tarantino. And drink alcohol, too.

‘Black Hawk down’. Ridley Scott directs with a lot of pulse and without mercy any this war film that some branded “too” realistic.

‘Thunder blue’. For those who thought that the action implausible and addictive that does not lower the pace in no moment has been invented in ‘Fast & Furious’.

The ‘valley of vengeance’. Ethan Hawke and John Travolta face off in this action movie with touches of silly humor that reaches the top in its last 20 minutes.

‘Avengement’. Scott Adkins trying to escape from prison… to punches.

‘Fearless – Without fear’. Jet Li plays kung fu master Huo Yuanjia in this movie full of fights well choreographed, shot and mounted.

Lock & Stock-in-eCartelera

2 Adventure movies

4 Horror movies

‘The witch’. Spend a bad night of sleep after seeing this claustrophobic fable of time is worth it.

‘Sleepy Hollow’. A nightmare precious directed by Tim Burton in which you might want to get to live.

‘The thing’. Carpenter knows something about viruses, and shows this terrifying story full of viscera and suspicions.

‘Shark’. It may now seem to us a little naive, but Spielberg invented the blockbuster with this horror story about a shark that haunts a seaside town.

‘Night of wolves’. The director of the magnificent ‘Green Room’ is going to be the wild, again, to create your upset and to talk about the evil that is within us and around us.

‘Let me in’. Remake of the Swedish movie, directed by Matt Reeves (‘Monstrous’) who, according to some, improved the set by adding more terror and tension.

The witch in eCartelera

5 Science fiction movies

8 Independent films

9 Movies animation

10 Movies for the whole family

11 Documentary

‘What the fuck is going on?’. This documentary explains very clearly what feminism is getting to the Spanish society in recent years.

‘Abducted in Plain Sight’. You may not believe all the twists that you have this documentary about a family that falls victim to a pedophile psychopath liar.

‘Digging Up The Sad Hill’. A class of cinema and an ode to western filmed in this set up perfect and full of light, which is Almeria.

‘Paris Is Burning’. A masterclass of culture LGBT for those who do not understand why the phenomenon ‘RuPaul”s Drag Race’ is so important.

‘Tell Me Who I Am’. Suspense, mystery and surprises in this story of two brothers who want to… although it is not known at all.

‘Tig’. The moving and inspiring story of the comic Tig Notaro, who survived cancer and came out with a better life from the fight.

Digging up the Sad Hill in eCartelera

12 Movies musical

‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’. A collection of incredible files of concerts of Nina Simone interspersed with questions, but not answers, about your private life.

‘Grease’. Perhaps the best way to see it is beneath the sofa and singing and dancing the songs that we all know from memory.

‘Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé’. The artist makes a chronic staff of their own concert at the Coachella 2018, by mixing the musical show with the confession intimate.

‘Anima’. It’s a short, but Paul Thomas Anderson putting images to the music of Thom Yorke (Radiohead) is beyond the time constraints.

‘Chicago’. When you feel trapped in a prison you will be able to sing that mythical ‘Cell Block Tango’.

‘Dirty Dancing’. A classic to boost your spirits and probably end up a little excited. We hope that you are not passing the quarantine without company.

What Happened, Miss Simone? in eCartelera

Marathons forced

Somehow the few beneficiaries of the situation are the tv and the streaming platforms, which although are also having to stop the filming of their productions are seeing their audiences and reproductions up. We are empachando to marathons of series, killing time killed by zapping and watching those movies that we had outstanding.

So it’s the perfect time for you to bring you this selection of films. Very different between them, but they all have in common two things: they are available in the catalog Spanish Netflix and are good. Some of them, very good.