Apple could acquire Disney for the situation of the market, according to an analyst


The situation of the financial markets continues to decline due to fear of the coronavirus and the collapse of the economies in their fight to curb the pandemic. In this case, the actions of The Walt Disney Company have reached to $ 93, and because of this, the analyst from Rosenblatt Securities, Bernie McTernan, has posted an investigative report, which echoes, which ensures that Apple might be interested to acquire Disney at the current price.


“We believe that those with long-term horizons, such as the mega-corporations with huge balance sheets liquid and whose equity is more than Disney these three weeks, as Apple could take the advantage of the volatility. The positive part of acquiring Disney would be to ensure your content strategy in streaming and the potential synergies to add to the ecosystem Disney the iOS platform”.

The launch of Apple+ was not the success it could have been, and the incorporation of Disney in its digital platform would solve all their problems with one stroke. It is clear that it would be a decision of the most complex taking into account, in addition, the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, and the integration being done by the company of all of the content.

How would the purchase?

Currently, Disney has an estimated market value of 168 billion dollars and Apple collects about 107 billion dollars in cash. To be able to perform the operation it would be necessary a combination of cash and stock, increase the debt and could you reach the figure of 400 billion dollars.