Ariana Grande has taken her trusted boots for a pair of fabulous platform sneakers


19 December 2019

The casual style of Ariana Grande? High ponytail, sweatshirt/t-shirt/bomber jacket oversized worn as a dress and her ubiquitous boots with heel above the knee. But in the last Instagram look shared by the singer of “God Is A Woman” is missing one of these components tested: the beautiful 26-year-old removed his trusted boots for something unexpected, a couple of impressive sneaker wedge Buffalo London.

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As you may know, the most famous shoe of the ’90s has returned to the limelight in recent years, but for fans of pop culture, the platform sneakers remind immediately to the The Spice Girls. It was the most famous girl band in the history of music make iconic sneakers with plateauselecting as a key element of their style. The Buffalo Ariana could mark a change of style for her, but especially love the fact that a young icon of the pop music gifts of the legends of pop music.

In short, GIRL POWER!

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