Belén Esteban linchada. “I do business with the coronavirus!”. Photo and mess bestial!


March 18, 2020
(16:38 CET)

Belén Esteban it is one of the people most concerned about the coronavirus. The partner of Save me decided not to go to his job until they lift the state of alarm to avoid contamination. The Paracuellos is diabetic and for this reason it is one of the people with the most risk, like the elderly. In addition, Bethlehem lives with her husband, Miguel Marcos, ambulance driver, who is moving all the time to people sickened by coronavirus, or with possible symptoms.

But this is not his only concern. Also his mother, who is greater and is another of the groups most affected. For her, it is very important to take care of your health and not leaving the house under any circumstances. And neither is his daughter, Andrea Janeiro at his side. The Uk is also being affected by this pandemic and Bethlehem don’t stop make video calls with your daughter to make sure that it is okay.

The collaborator will be entertained as you can at home. At times it also makes use of social networks, the last to have a small detail with his followers through his new firm of decoration. The tertuliana has put on discount all the products that you sell in your web page.

“I wish you days of peace and positivity ? #yomequedoencasa ? I leave also -10% on to make more pleasant these days at home ??I want!!!!!!”, he wrote with emotion.

Some of his followers have supported this initiative, while others have taken over to take advantage of the situation. “You just get the benefit with the coronavirus” or “go that you’re not a list”, are just a few of the comments he has received.