BTS: By COVID-19 suspended sale of tickets for world tour in Europe


BTS it is the group of K-Pop’s most famous moment was in the middle of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)since your new Map Of The Soul Tour 2020 has been suspended in several countries of the world, including South Korea and on this occasion, a media pointed out the unemployment, temporary pre-sale tickets to concerts in Europe.

Although the company Big Hit Entertainment, which represents BTS, has not informed, what will be the final changes in the world tour by 2020, the ARMY fears that the final decision is the total cancellation of the tour, because the time necessary to give the concert was scheduled to start from April.

A situation that has not been the most favorable for BTS due to the threat of Coronavirus in South Korea and its strong presence in the united States to promote his album Map Of The Soul : 7, but it is not all negative, because the hits have not stopped to advertise.

What BTS in quarantine for COVID-19?

During the month of march, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, RM, Taehyung, Suga and Jungkook have been absent from their trials, as the company’s Big Hit decided to give them a few days rest by the shutdown of cultural events in South Korea, the situation seems to be improving after a quick control of the relevant authorities.

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Sadly this is not the case for other countries such as Spain, Italy and the united States, as the measures of prevention seem to have been used very late, making the case for spread of Coronavirus were in constant increase and has even implemented a mandatory quarantine to decrease these results.