“Congrats to the best rapper of hispanic speech of the world”


Last march 17, he blew candles, one of the cuban artists most important and international in the world of hip hop and rap: Aldo “The Villager”.

The popular artist fulfilled, nothing more and nothing less than 37 years of age. Many have been the messages of enhorabuenas and good wishes that has come to the singer for his birthday through the social networks, among them, the cuban singer of urban music Yosvanis Arismín Sierra Hernandez, better known by all as Chocolate MC.

“The king of the reparteros” he shared in his profile of Instagram a snippet of a video from a video call that he had with Aldo “The Villager” for his day, and in addition we can see the presence of the also a singer of rap and hip-hop Silvito “El Libre”.

In addition to displaying the cordial friendship which it maintains with the honoree, Chocolate MC we also dedicated a few words to Aldo “The Villager” in which he described it as the “best rapper of hispanic speech of the world”. He also used the opportunity to advance to his followers that within a very short appear together for “a big surprise to the public”.

“Congrats to the best rapper of the Spanish-speaking world. That you fulfill many more. I love you very much compatriot, soon we left with a great surprise for all the audience. Money does not buy talent, nor much less respect,” said the reguetonero.

On the day of yesterday, the own Aldo “The Villager” he was in charge of making known to his followers, who were serving years through a publication made in its official account of Instagram.

The artist shared a picture of it in portrait mode and added a small text in which he thanked life for having given a new turn to the sun.

“37 years. Thanks life,” said the interpreter My are.