Coronavirus: How to maintain a healthy diet in quarantine


With the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19, our lifestyle has been completely transformed, so it is necessary to make adjustments in our daily routine while we are in quarantine so as not to put our health at risk and a key factor is a diet .

By staying home for a long period, your eating habits are likely to change, but it’s crucial that you focus your diet on strengthening health.

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Naturally, being isolated at home our physical activity decreases, we enter a state of leisure, we reduce our social contact and, therefore, we feel anxiety.

This leads us to make serious mistakes in our diet. We eat more than we require, consume unhealthy snacks and do not burn calories due to a sedentary lifestyle.


Create a menu

If there is something in our favor, it is time, so you can take a moment to plan your meals and avoid consuming the first thing you see in the refrigerator.

Avoid soda and sugary drinks

When we lead a life with little physical activity, sugar consumption should be much more controlled. Sugary drinks should not be in our diet.

Eat foods against anxiety

Foods rich in fiber, vegetables, nuts, and dairy will prevent you from feeling anxious between meals and so you will not abuse amounts.

Healthy snacks

Instead of eating snacks low in sugar and sodium, find healthy options like oatmeal cookies, yogurt, and nuts.

Find an activity that relaxes you

We are not used to spending so much time at home, so it is time to explore ourselves and find some activity that you enjoy, this will prevent you from feeling anxiety and eating more than you need.