Cuba confirms first death from coronavirus, and up to 10 the infected


The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) of Cuba confirmed on march 18, the first death on the Island due to the coronavirus. It is the patient of Italian nationality of 61 years of age, who was admitted in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri” in a critical state, and who passed away in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to the MINSAP, also confirmed three new cases of COVID19, which increases to 10 the number of cases in the country.

When the past March 11, the cuban government confirmed the first cases of coronavirus in the country, said that there were three Italian tourists, who were admitted to the IPK in Havana.

It was later learned that one of the three italians hospitalized was in a critical state. The patient had a history of bronchial asthma and began to submit “clinical manifestations of complications of the disease.”

Since some days ago the Italian tourist was with artificial ventilation in the intensive care room of that center.

As for the other two Italian tourists, the health authorities made it clear that they maintain a clinical evolution stable so far.

On the day of yesterday, the medical authorities of the Island reported two new cases of coronavirusboth cuban citizens.

Those affected are two men: a resident of the municipality of Camagüey and the worker of a cruise; and a resident of Guanabacoa, in Havana, whose daughter recently returned from Milan, Italy.

Both patients are stable, with a satisfactory outcome. The patient’s daughter habanero is currently under study.

Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the MINSAP, clarified that they are all people who come from the affected countries, or had contact with someone who has come from one of those countries.

The country was also confirmed a positive case of the coronavirus in Santa Clara, in the province of Villa Clara, who became the first cuban to be diagnosed with the condition in the national territory.

Although Portal Miranda reported this weekend that in the country there are currently 259 patients admitted for suspected coronavirus, of which 90 are foreigners and 169 cubans, the Government of Cuba continues to deny the need to put in place a quarantine because there is no transmission of this disease.

Duran Garcia said during a presentation at the program Round Table of the Cuban Television: “Transmission is when we start to find people who will succeed in diagnosing the presence of the virus -with or without symptoms – and may not have had a relationship with a person who has been infected as such. There we can talk about that there is a transmission of the disease.”

“The quarantine be established for each country as a measure of sovereign of each country in both it becomes more complex its internal situation, it is not for the international situation (…) When measures have been taken and you have a number of cases that no evidence of transmission of disease, quarantine and closure of job centres, university and schools, it really is not justified,” he said.

The medical authorities have explained that in the Island have enabled 1.442 beds in 11 hospitals, other 867 in 10 centres of isolation and 175 ambulances to care for patients with suspected coronavirus.