‘Dead Set’ becomes reality: in the ‘Big Brother’ aleman know nothing of the coronavirus


Sometimes it gives you the feeling that everything that happens in the world already predicted before ‘The Simpsons’, but this time it overtook him a mini-series british of 2008, ‘Dead Set’, that, saving the distances, it portrays quite well the current situation and the contestants of ‘Big Brother’ German. While in the real world we live with wonder, boredom and despair the pandemic of coronavirus, the 14 participants in the reality they have no idea of all this roll of the quarantine, preventive limitation of freedom of movement, and supermarkets looted.

The series of 5 chapters of the chain E4, ‘Dead set: Death on the spot’, we posed a dystopia in which the United Kingdom was being attacked by a zombie virus that turned everyone into undead eaters of brains. While the zombies are dedicated to eat your entire audience, the contestants of ‘Big Brother’ don’t know that you’ve reached the end of the world until the production company comes into the house fleeing from the horde killer. In Germany, and at the margin of the part that just eating brains, from the producer have decided not to tell them anything of the medical crisis that we suffer and who know nothing because the majority carries within from the February 6, when the coronavirus had not yet left virtually in Wuhan, and a month before the first death in Germany.

'Dead Set'

The producers of the show have defended this decision, arguing that the bases state that only give them news from the outside in extraordinary situations and personal, such as illness of a family member. In addition, make sure that you are going to take average extra hygiene and precaution against contagion, although they have not yet been specified which ones. However, although not be fully aware of the real situation, the chain itself planet to make them a special program in which given some data and be allowed to ask questions. A situation relatively similar is lived in the ‘Big Brother’ america for the 11S, where it was reported to the contestants because one of them had a relative missing after the attack.

But Germany is not the only country with the competition and active participants of the reality show canadian, nor have they been properly informed, have already begun to notice the lack of noise and the public in the surrounding area of the house. Lucky not to launch them into the world without a short period of adaptation and information, because it would be much more interesting to see them come out to empty streets, shops closed and the army patrolling the tests that are performed each week. By the way, if the argument of ‘Dead Set’ you seem to ‘ own ‘Black Mirror’ no you’re wrong both, because both series are written by Charlie Brooker.

The virus in the Spanish media

Although from the direction of ‘Operation triumph’ they tried to maintain normalcy within the Academy even without clothes, TVE has finished sending the students and teachers to his home to spend the quarantine. But before introducing the overall state of emergency came the ban on cultural events or gatherings of over 100 people, which led to programs such as ‘The Anthill’ or ‘Resistance’ to record or broadcast without the studio audience. Currently almost all of the production programs television has stopped broadcasting as normal and the program of Pablo Motos has been temporarily suspended while Andrew Buenafuente makes ‘Late Motiv’ from his house, with the participation of the spectators and co-workers through video calls. On the radio in the picture is not very different, and stations like Radio 3 broadcast a alternative programming of reruns and continuous music. However there are alternatives thanks to new technologies and users of Intstagram can continue to enjoy ‘Today it starts all over’ in his regular schedule through the stories of the program, where Angel Carmona continues to work from home.