Do you know what is spent Kim Kardashian to month touch-ups? Attention to the savagery!


March 17, 2020
(21:29 CET)

In these days we are seeing as our economy is at the limit and we are able to see that some celebrities do not have many problems in the coronavirus since the huge of their mansions.

If just reaching the confinement to the united States one of the people who do not will go wrong will be Kim Kardashian nor anyone of his family. In addition, we have been able to know this week how much is spent per month in their routines of beauty and gives up a thing.

The own Kim Kardashian has confessed to ELLE magazine that his monthly expense for their physical care is of 45000 euros. A staggering in these times of crisis.

Socialite american has always been an example of excess as we can see in your own body and your expenses are not left behind as we can see in those numbers that she has given.

Your routine

Kim Kardashian revealed everything you did to improve your physical so detailed to the magazine and what is certain is that your routine is very extensive.

So she explained it: “one-hour Workouts at six in the morning. Hair and makeup for an hour. Manicure and pedicure every ten days. Eyebrows every three weeks. Teeth whitening, spray tanning, laser hair removal and number of treatments for firming the belly and thighs, daily vitamins for the skin and hair, in addition to marathons from time to time to make me something special in the hair.”