Dua Lipa is concerned about their fans after suffering a tremendous accident


The singer Dua Lipacaused moments of concern for their fans after suffering a tremendous accident while he was with his production team, which quickly went to assist the artist.

This time that was documented and shared by the same cantantante in his official account of Instagramwe can see that Dua Lipa it was on one of his companions, which as he lost his balance, falling immediately to the floor with everything and the artist on their backs.

The best thing is that we were able to appreciate this moment in slow motion, where you can hear clearly the singer yells before reaching the ground. So quickly their co-production were to auxiliarla.

The tremendous accident of Dua Lipa

Although this accident could have had a tragic end, the truth is that it was only a small scare for Dua Lipa one who took this as one of the most fun to share with your followers.

Let us remember that Dua Lipa in addition to being one of the singers most successful today, has also been placed as one of the most popular artists in social networks, where, at least in your account of Instagram surpasses 40 million followers.

Dua Lipa in Instagram

Considering this fact, it was a sure shot this video of the “accident” of Dua Lipa would make a great uproar among their followers on Instagram. A video that in the course of a day now carries more than 1.3 million copies, 288,135 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

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Among the comments you can see that the fans of this singer also took the fall of Dua Lipa as one of the funniest moments. And even more, which is in slow motion, which allows us to see this small accident to the perfection and with all the detail.