Erika Buenfil teaches incorrect technique of washing of hands in Tik tok


Erika Buenfilreturned to surprise in Tik Toknow with a video where it shows what looks like the bathroom of her house, washing her hands. At the beginning of the video shows the actress dancing and teaching the soap you use.

But when the actress proceeds to perform the washing of hands this does not last even 20 seconds and there is evidence that do not use the correct techniqueas they rubbed their palms and knuckles without any specific order or in the time required. The world health organization (WHO) ensures that the correct hygiene of hands is crucial in preventing diseases.

In the publications of that organization, it is described that in addition to knowing that the washing of hands is an effective tool to banish germs and bacteria, so, too, is to do it the right way, and conscious, which does Erika Buenfil in Tik Tok.

However, the actress is known for her charisma in the social networks and surely the video was made to encourage people to perform this preventive measure of the COVID-19 more often than usual.

Recently, Erika also joked about the shopping panic that some mexicans were doing, specifically with the toilet paper and in the video shows the actress as saying: “I need you to remain calm so as not to fall into madness”, is listening to the voice of the puss in Boots character from Shrek.

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In the next picture you can see several packages of toilet paper and then Erika Buenfil appears expressing the phrase “it’s too late”, just as holding a huge package of rolls.

All videos of the actress, have had good acceptance of the followers, who claim that there is no one better than Erika Buenfil in Tik Tok.