Eurovision 2020 is cancelled by the global crisis of the coronavirus


*In preparation

The global pandemic of the coronavirus that affects in the last few weeks, particularly to Europe has led to the EBU has to decide the cancellation of the Festival of Eurovision 2020. The musical event brings a large production effort of the hand of thousands of workers, as well as the displacement of thousands of people including artists, delegations, journalists and fans, which is reason enough to postpone the celebration of the contest until the health crisis is resolved or start to see the light.

“With a deep thinking we announce the cancellation of the Festival of Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. We have tried to look for alternatives to allow for the holding of the Festival, but the uncertainty caused by the extension of the COVID-19 in the whole of Europe and the restrictions imposed by governments of the agencies of the tv participants and the Dutch authorities have meant that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has taken the difficult decision not to continue with the live event as planned. The health of artists, staff, fans and visitorsas well as the situation in the Netherlands, Europe and the world, have motivated this decision,” reads the statement from the EBU.

Also, they added that the agency is coordinating together with NPO, WE and AVOTROS, public television in charge of the festival this edition, for that Rotterdam could be the venue of Eurovision song contest in 2021. “We are very proud that Eurovision has joined its public every year, without interruption, during the past 64 years and we, like his millions of fans all over the world, we are truly sorry for not being able to celebrate it in may,” said the statement.

A decision is expected

The mayor of Rotterdam had demanded previously that the decision should be taken before the 5 or 6 April, the limit to start to mount the stage at the Rotterdam Ahoythe stadium chosen as the venue. The EBU convened its Reference Group this Tuesday to discuss the issue that plagues much of the world’s population.

In parallel had already been cancelled before various prepartiesthe concerts that serve to promote the artists representatives of the 41 participating countries. It is the case of the London Eurovision Party in London, Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, Israel, Calling on Tel Aviv, PrePartyES of Madrid and the appointment of Riga.