Fiona Apple left the cocaine after spending a night “atrocious” with Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson


Though his name is not as well known by the public as mainstream, Fiona Apple is part of a generation of cantautoras that emerged in the 90’s and that, some say, have been battered by the music press simply for not being men. Next to her are Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, PJ Harvey or Cat Power. All of them have been able to maintain thanks to the cult of your audience or the success of some songs that hit on the radio during a time. It is the case of Apple, which is about to release his fifth album, ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’, the occasion that has taken advantage of giving an in-depth interview for the magazine New Yorker. In it the composer has revealed several things about his relationship with men of Hollywood: Louis C. K., Woody Allen, Johnny Depp and your partner during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the director of ‘The invisible thread’ Paul Thomas Anderson.

Despite the fact that the relationship between the two gave good results artistic (she wrote a rap for ‘Magnolia’ and he directed video clips for her), already knew that they had a romance-stormy, that the singer remembered as painful and chaotic. Esnifaban cocaine and taking ecstasy, while she drank without limits. Apple says that after the Oscars in 1998, Anderson threw a chair in the middle of a fight. On another occasion, according to her, the director drove his car aggressively lanzándola to the road. In the holidays he used to whisper nasty things to the ear while he behaved in a way that’s kind of the face of the other. She was starting to cry and others thought that a woman was unstable.

Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson

However, Fiona Apple did not want to victimizarse: remember that it was a bad relationship for both of them, and admits that he never hit her and that he always had good words for his music. Even jokes on the subject, arriving to say that he left the cocaine thanks to Paul Thomas Anderson. More or less. The singer ensures that she left after spending “a night of atrocious” in the house of Quentin Tarantino, listening to the two directors get the glory of your film. “Every addict should lock yourself in a private movie theater with QT and PTA encocados, and never want to do it again”, ensures.

After all, Apple, and Anderson maintained a cordial relationship, and he leads since 2001 with the actress and comic Maya Rudolph (‘The wedding of my best friend’), with whom he has four children. Both seem to have evolved much since then; perhaps the director was serving that time with the magnificent ‘The invisible thread’ and the murky relationship that they kept their two protagonists.

Johnny Depp, Woody Allen, Louis C. K.

Being a singer-songwriter who came to the industry too young, Apple has all kinds of stories related to people of Hollywood. One of them involves Johnny Depp. The music has that spent a night with a friend in the house of the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Depp was sober, and editing a movie, but Apple and his friend consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms. According to her, Depp turned to both of them to a room and closed the door. “Him as he guided us. It wasn’t anything bad, but I felt used uncomfortable while my friend is rolling with me”, says Apple, that does not count the situation as an episode of #MeToo. “Johnny Depp was a good guy, and my friend also. But at that time I had problems with my sexuality”confesses.

Also had a short relationship with Louis C. K., the writer, and comedian who has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by several women. Apple ensures that he hoped that C. K. was the first defendant of the #MeToo to take responsibility for their actions, and what is certain is that the comedian did not deny any accusation and accepted the blow to his career by letting FX, HBO, and Netflix cut ties with him. Now keep doing monologues in direct, but Apple feels disappointed because has not been able to cope with their mistakes creating comedy subversive about shame and compulsion. “His comedy is a smoke screen. If it is not able to carry out a scrutiny more severe and of itself, is useless. I I tremble when I think and write about myself. Afraid of going there, but I’m going there. He is very weak”.

Another controversial figure from Hollywood is mentioned in the interview. At the institute, Apple was a friend of the daughter of Mia Farrow, Daisy Previn, and ensures that when going to sleep at his house sometimes was Woody Allen in the kitchen. The director new york has seen in recent years how resurgían the allegations of sexual abuse by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow. The case was closed legally in the 90s, but in today’s culture there are those who see a picture of Allen with other eyes. In this regard, Apple has some harsh words about living in the Hollywood industry: “There are many confidentiality agreements that are not written but signed. Because if you talk you will have to deal with all the repercussions”.