Gossip Girl: 13 years after its release, this actor has not changed I Amazing!


Gossip Girl is a few months away from celebrating 13 years since its premiere, but one of their main players has not changed a bit and remains just as attractive in the first season.

Gossip Girl: 13 years after the premiere, this actor has not changed I Amazing!

Ed Westwick / Chuck Bass

Ed Westwick gave life to the iconic, Chuck Bass, villain turned “hero” in the series of The CW, Gossip Girlwho preserves the good appearance and attitude of the character that gave him worldwide fame.

The latest posting in the Instagram of Ed Westwick reminded the fans of “Gossip Girl” the villain that love, Chuck Bass, while displaying a style and has similar to the famous character.

The pictures of Ed Westwick were taken by photographer Higor Bastos, who seems to have taken inspiration from couture fashion that was distinctive to Gossip Girl.

What Ed Westwick returns to Gossip Girl?

HBO Max prepares a much-anticipated reboot of “Gossip Girl”, with a duration of 10 episodes produced especially for the streaming platform that will premiere in 2020.

Although fans of Gossip Girl expect am looking forward to the reboot, one question that remains is whether it will be with the original players, including Ed Westwick, who has not given signs of being part of the project or a willingness to reinterpret Chuck Bass.

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So far, the only member of “Gossip Girl” in your version of 2007 that will participate in the reboot of HBO’s Max is Kristen Bell, who once again bring to life the scandals of the elite of Manhattan, as the unique, “Chica Indiscreta”.