Guardians of the galaxy 3: Jennifer Lawrence in the film, a role in LGBT?


Jennifer Lawrence could be back LGBT in a cinecomic, in a role of The guardians of the galaxy , the actress could interpret, Moondragon, daughter of Drax.





According to Mystique in the X-Men, Jennifer Lawrence could a in a cinecomic, in role of LGBT ne The guardians of the galaxy 3. It is, of course, seen to unofficial sources, the actress, there have been no confirmations in this respect, but, as reported, ” We Got This Covered, you know, of people in direct connection with the Marvel movies from James Gunn.

Venice of 2017: Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, and mother!

Venice of 2017: Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, and mother!

The role of Jennifer Lawrence in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would be Moondragon, the daughter lost Drax, in the comics, known for a love relationship of homosexuals with Aztec-Vell, the daughter, in turn, of Mar-Vell that he is artificially created, also known as a Quasar. But Lawrence would not be the only option, because of Elle Fanning, which would indicate that the house of ideas still does not have a precise idea of whom you are the role. It also remains to be seen whether the actress may be the Oscar for The positive side, the affected part.

Just his likeness in the closed world of the mutants and it is not to say that feel like the future again in a project substantially similar. To this we must add that James Gunn is still busy with the reboot/continuation of the Suicide Squad from DC Comics, therefore, any hypothesis about the casting de is guardians of The galaxy 3 is designed to be taken in periods of not most for sure soon.