Harry Styles poses with little clothing and make-up for fashion magazine


Harry Styles it is one of the british singers more popular there, and the former one direction he has always shown his fondness for fashion, so she has decided to pose for the magazine Beauty Paperand the first images have leaked, where we have been able to see the singer using only a half of Network.

Harry Styles it appears in the image with a filter to black-and-white, sitting in a chair with a pose style Mansplaining, no shirt, and only using a media network, causing all their fans to become mad, to see him posing in a garment that is commonly used by women.

But that was not all in the photo shoot, which also sees the singer with an outfit more covered, using a suit coat, but with a couple of poses quirky, without a doubt has been proven that Harry Styles is the perfect man when fashion and style is about.

Look at the picture of Harry Styles

But Harry Styles is not the only the One Direction that has posed with little clothing, as some of his peers such as Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik have also posed with little clothing, and even without clothes.

The exs One Direction despite the fact that they are no longer a band, they have succeeded separately, in fact, Louis Tomlinson released their album just a few weeks ago, achieving a significant amount of sales. In addition to Zayn Malik as could be seen singing the theme from Aladdin to Disney last year.

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And needless to say, Harry Styles, who has shown that the fashion world is also theirs, that we do not expect that will pass as Victoria Beckham, have been a member of one of the most important groups of the United Kingdom, to pursue the fashion.