“I feel good, I don’t have symptoms”


The british actor Idris Elba, 47 years, announced Monday through his Twitter profile that he has given you test positive for coronavirus.

In the same message, the actor of films such as The Avengers or the series The Wire has ensured that you have not developed symptoms and is well. The interpreter has remained isolated since she discovered that she could have been exposed to the virus, reason why I decided to undergo testing.

“This morning I have given positive in the test of the COVID-19. I feel good, I don’t have symptoms until now, but I’ve been insulated from that I discovered my possible exposure to the virus. People, stay at home and be pragmatic. I will keep you posted on how I am. Nothing to panic”, said next to a video in which he appears accompanied by his wife, Dabrina Dhowre.

In the clip you shared, stresses the importance of maintaining the social distance and wash their hands to stop the spread of the disease. “There are people out there who show no symptoms and that can drag him along with ease. At this time we need to monitor a lot,” he warned.

The coronavirus does not understand geography or social status, and because some celebrities have made public their condition after getting this disease.

The first faces recognized to announce that with the coronavirus were Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. Marriage explained that they had contracted the disease while they were in Australia preparing a movie about Elvis Presley in Gold Coast.

After them, other figures from the world of cinema as the actress Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko, a Bond girl; the colombian Danna Garcia, known for her role in the soap opera Pasión de Gavilanes or the Norwegian Christopher Hivju, Tormund in Game of Thrones have reported that it gave positive in the tests.

On the other hand, dozens of celebrities have used their platforms to add to the campaign #QuédateEnCasa, which seeks to generate awareness in people that the best way to contain the pandemic is not out of the house. As is the case of Ricky Martin, who a few days ago I shared this video: