“I feel sorry for you, go to the gym!” Watch the video


Rosalia with a grammy

March 18, 2020
(18:14 CET)

While the fame of Rosalia continues to increase, in parallel is the ascending line of criticism because of its overweight. In one of his videos has given rise to a series of comments destructive that they reach. Also, the gym these days seems not to be the priority of who plays With height.

The video that marked the continuity of the criticism for the Catalan 26-year-old was in the that you used leggings red while singing Brightness. The attitude of diva was presented, but not the physical state of a, which was recriminat by the public with comments such as: “Go to the gym das it!” and “¡Rosalia scares in leggings!”.

His musical talent is indisputable, but if we compare the physical Rosalia with other divas that far outweigh age as Jennifer Lopez or Shakirait is very back.

This is not the first time that you will question, even though she would prefer to answer with symptoms of rebellion, showing stories while eating all kinds of foods that are not healthy and contribute to your current weight.

The nails of Rosalia increase the risk of Coronavirus


During these days we could say that Rosalie does not find something to their advantage. And it is revealed that the famous and long nails that used the singer as a personal seal, can increase the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. How is it possible?

It turns out that these nails are an accessory where the virus could be accommodate with total ease. Not to mention the complications it creates for a correct personal hygiene. The priorities have now changed and the aesthetic is far from the first place.

The recommendation is that through these times of maximum care should be out this kind of fashion, which can be detrimental to the main purpose of all, to eradicate the coronavirus. Does rosalia will be the first to give the example?