“I have a girlfriend not to say that I’m gay”. Kiko Hernández surprised to take to get out of this!

Kiko Hernández contestants survivors

March 17, 2020
(16:39 CET)

Kiko Hernández is very pending of the last time in Survivors, but from home. For the sake of their daughters has decided to be confined in your home. Is always aware of what is happening in the world of the heart, as well as that happen with the reality of coexistence of the chain. Without doubt the person with the most joys is giving the string is José Antonio Avilés.

They are completely isolated and alone. Now the contestants do not move away from the reality that is lived in Spain. Like all of us, are trying to pass of the best way to may your stay on the island. Many of them include anecdotes about his life and Avilés has no trouble talking about his past. The partner of Living life has done to pass to the spectators one of the best moments in these difficult times by telling one of their secrets.


The communicator he confessed to his companions that came to have a wedding, the friend of a cousin of yours, because I was ashamed to tell his friends that he was homosexual and was attracted to men. In the XXI century there are still people who do not dare to tell the truth, but worse yet there are still people that does not help these people speak comfortably of their sexuality.

His first asked that “what I knew that“and he’s not had another occurrence that you reply to as “a lemon bad“. Things are complicated when the damn premium she advised her friend to put Vick Vaporub on her intimate parts. According to Avilés, the tongue stayed with him as an espadrille. After that scene they decided to put point and end to the relationship and never again to see their faces.

The young man has not revealed the name of the young man, although he repented of telling this story in public. “Thankfully, Cordoba is very large and nobody is going to know who is…”

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