I penelope Cruz without plucking! Caught (and do not imagine where it is): Look at the picture!


March 17, 2020
(19:59 CET)

We are all exposed to suffer some sort of neglect, but in the case of artists, the risk is greater, since they have a large part of the time the camera lens on them. Penelope Cruz, who needs no introduction after making a career destacadísima as an actress and model, was shot with a neglect of monuments in his face. What happened with the waxing this time?

In the photo we see the face of the Spanish non-plucking, something that has provoked a war of comments. Are those who do not forgave your lack of settlement aesthetic, while others a bit more towards the slope feminist, defended that was authentic in that way.

Penelope Cruz

The reality is that in the movies you never saw as well previously. However, it is difficult not to go wrong when the paparazzi are looking for the error permanently. This is not the first time that any of the personalities in a row has to suffer this kind of inconvenience, so that they become part and parcel of the trade.

Surely in his next film project is claimed looking as spectacular as we remembered it before that photo. Although to reach that point will have to be expected because of the complicated and risky coronavirus.

Penelope Cruz stops the recording by the pandemic

Following the measures that they have decided to implement the different governments of the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Penelope had to stop the recording of his next film.

This is the movie called Official Competition of The Mediapro Studio. The beginning of the recordings was given just a few weeks ago, but quickly advanced to the problem forced to take the necessary precautions. Others affected were Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez, who also will star in the production. Of time, it is unknown the date of resumption, but Penelope Cruz is with the group of celebrities who support the first thing is always health.